Detecting Fraud and Preventing Chargebacks in Magento

From announcing our recent partnership with Magento, to attending our first Magento Imagine conference this year, Magento is a company that is top of mind for Pro. Our partnership with Magento creates a solution that helps businesses quickly detect if an online order is fraud. Hear from my personal experience why Pro is the perfect compliment to Magento’s fraud detection.

Automation Fuels Efficiency at the Help Desk

Managing a help desk requires staying on top of requests. Nowadays the higher volume of calls means that automated processes are a must. Discover why help desks are turning to 3rd party data to automate their operations and provide everyone with a better experience.

Are E-commerce Retailers Facing an EMV Armageddon?

For on- and offline retailers, the deadline to implement EMV-enabled payment processing systems is either a blessing or a possible curse. We’ll explain what led up to the EMV decision and discuss how it’s going to affect e-commerce fraud prevention.

Phone Spam and Scams Part 3: Pro Phone Reputation Leads the Market

Whitepages has a long, successful history in the realm of phone spam detection. But we’ve got some big and helpful changes coming to our Phone Reputation services. Learn more about how we score spam and find out more about the gravity of the backend powering our spam detection.

Our 3 Tips for the CNP Expo in Orlando

Soon we’ll be head to the Card Not Present Expo May 18-21 in Orlando. We’ll be catching up with you online merchants and explaining how to fight fraud and reduce manual reviews. To get you prepped, we’ve listed our top 3 tips for visiting the CNP e-commerce Expo.

4 Reasons to Flag Us Down at Signal

To all creative thinkers/builders of apps: Signal is starting in 8 days. We’ll be there ready to talk to all developers and communication service providers. Come tell us what you’re building or talk about WebRTC with us. Plus, here are 4 reasons you won’t want to miss us at the Developer Conference for Communications.

Phone Spam and Scams Part 2: Deeper Experience Protects Our Customer Base

We’ve been in the phone spam business for four years. This week, I’ll explain how we’ve leveraged the knowledge gleaned from our consumer mobile apps and turned it into the best Phone Spam Protection service in the business. Find out how we set ourselves apart from the competition.

3 Musts for While You’re at Apps World

Does your app go to 11? We’ll be at Apps World in San Francisco showing how our data can take your mobile app to the next level. We can tell you how our data verifies your users’ identities and talk about our API. Check out our 3 reasons why you won’t want to miss us at Apps World.