Effective Local Marketing is Key

When your business sends marketing collateral to potential and existing customers, having personalized, local information is key. Find out how having accurate identity data can help your business target customers with confidence.

Solutions That Produce Quicker & More Accurate Results

E-commerce fraud analysts can spend four minutes or more* when verifying the identity of an online shopper. Our partnership with Accertify’s Interceptas® Platform provides review hyperlinks to Whitepages Pro’s Identity Check solution, helping reduce manual review time on suspicious orders. Learn how you can reduce the time spent validating identities by implementing our hyperlink into your fraud platform.

The EMV Problem for Small Businesses

New EMV chip technology is quickly becoming integrated into large business payment systems, but what about small businesses? Read on to find out about the importance of EMV technology, and how it can benefit your business, big or small.

Top 3 Time & Money Saving Tips for Call Centers

Running a large-scale call center takes extreme organization and efficiency. But a lot of the time and money-saving tricks come down to the data you have on incoming phone numbers. Whitepages Pro has solutions for that very situation. Check out our top three tips now.

Now & Then: 3 Types of Business-Targeted Phone Fraud

As the cost of a call drops and technologies like VoIP continue to grow, phone scams to businesses increases. The only option is to stay educated on the scams that are out there. With that in mind, we’ve pulled together three trends in fraud and the tips to avoid them.

“Who is this?” Avoid Compliance Issues with Phone Intelligence

Without a platform in place to verify identities, financial service providers can run into issues with fraudulent calls. Without having the appropriate measures in place to verify identities, these high-risk calls can cost companies money and time. Find out how our phone intelligence product can help your financial service reduce risk, and avoid compliance issues.

In It to Win It: Results From the ACORD Innovation Insurance Challenge

The ACORD Insurance Innovation Challenge got us thinking about one of our favorite topics—innovation. We presented Pro’s phone and identity solutions to show how our big data helps the insurance industry. Find out what we presented and discover how we did in the competition!

Use Case Spotlight: Blocking Spam Calls

Spam calls are coming in at an exponential rate, and are costing businesses more and more money. Read on to find out how our phone reputation product can help your business identify and eliminate these calls.

Instantaneous Payment System Raises Fraud Concerns

Though a new instantaneous payment system will speed money exchanges, it will also give banks less time to thoroughly look through transactions for fraud. Learn how our APIs can help to provide your financial institution with the accurate identity data it needs to identify fraud.