Meet ED – Our Newest Whitepages Pro Team Member

Meet Ed, developer evangelist and the newest member to the Whitepages Pro Team. Whether your programming language is Java or C#, Ed will be your translator into the world of Whitepages Pro. Check out our Q&A to learn more about Ed and her integral role on our team.

The Whitepages Pro Developer Dashboard – An Introduction

Take this Whitepages Pro video tour of the developer dashboard and find sample code, tutorials, data structures, blogs, forums, and all our developer documentation. This video will help you start to build accurate and comprehensive identity data into your applications.

Are You Measuring the Right Marketing Metrics?

Today’s rapid speed of data collection makes it easy for marketers to capture a variety of metrics. But knowing which your team should measure is tough. We’ll tell you the two most important metrics your marketing team should study, as well as tips on data and lead quality.

Is Affiliate Call Fraud Hurting Your Business?

When it comes to lead fraud, advertisers take a hit on ROI and employee morale. Now, more than ever, fraud is a problem in pay-per-call advertising. By looking deeper at the situation, we can tell you how to spot fraudulent calls and prevent them from entering your sales funnel.

Personalization: The Number One Trend in Marketing

Nowadays everyone in marketing knows that personalization is important for targeting prospects. And while research can explain why, it doesn’t always tell us what tools we need to put it into practice. Let’s look at personalization and see what you can do to get on board.

Our 4 Big Plans for MRC Vegas

MRC Vegas is approaching fast and we’re excited to share more about Pro’s e-commerce offerings. But that’s not the only reason we’re looking forward to MRC. Take a sneak peek at our schedule to learn more about the parties and prizes we have planned.

New Excel Add-In Puts Pro Data in Spreadsheets

Many of our customers have repeatedly asked us for a way to get our data integrated with Excel. That’s why we’re announcing our Pro Excel Add-In for reverse-phone lookups. Now you can conveniently insert our extended data into your spreadsheets for better organization.

Fraud by Phone: The Upward Trend of Mobile Fraud

The use of smartphones for B2C transactions has grown exponentially. But along with that growth comes an upward spike in fraud perpetrated by mobile phones. By examining today’s trends in mobile fraud, we get a better sense of what e-commerce businesses can do to fight back.

#FeatureFriday: Find Person by Prior Address

Lately we’ve heard from our customers that they want to find people using a name and a prior address. We listened and today are announcing our revised Find Person search. Learn how you can use Pro Web to find a person using a previous address and get our 3 search tips.

Key Takeaways From the MAC Talk “Real-Time Underwriting”

Early this morning, I presented at the MAC conference on a panel called “Real-Time Underwriting: A Risk-Based Approach.” What struck me most was the blurring of lines between the risk management techniques of merchants and those of acquirers—turns out it all comes down to the mobile phone number.