Phone Reputation Report – July 2015

Phone scammers have become increasingly more sophisticated in their attacks, many of which can heavily effect businesses. Our phone reputation team has been hard at work to bring you the latest in phone scams.

Using Big Data to Solve Business Problems

Though big data has been around for decades, we are only just starting to dive in. The good news is, big data has completely transformed the ability to solve business problems. It creates better relationships with customers, reduces risk and more.

Announcing Phone IsConnected

We are excited to announce the latest addition to our Phone Intelligence product, Phone IsConnected. This product identifies whether a phone is “connected or “disconnected,” giving your business ultimate insight into your customers. Read on to see how it can further benefit your business, and customers.

Use Case spotlight: Address Normalization

This week’s use-case is all about address normalization. If you are an e-commerce company that receives billing information in all different formats, you’ll want to read on to see how our data can save you time and money throughout this process.

DiscoTech Never Dies: A Case for Civic Tech

Though technology has boomed in Seattle, how can we use it as an asset to create an equitable and integrated city? Learn how we are committed to supporting not only the mainstream software development community but developers that truly allow us the opportunity to use our data for good.

Use Case Spotlight: Lead Verification, Append and Qualification

In this week’s use case spotlight, we are covering the leads industry and how our identity data can help verify leads and offer additional important information. Stay tuned for our future use case spotlights as we cover the benefit to our identity data across multiple industries.

What the FCC Vote on Robocalls and Spam Texts Mean For Your Business

Recently, the FCC ruled that carriers will be able to protect consumers by blocking phone scams and robocalls. That being said, under this new ruling, healthcare providers and banks will be able to call customers to alert them of fraudulent activity. But what does this mean for businesses?

Building a Successful E-commerce Operation is Like an Endurance Race

I recently participated in an adventure race, Relay Iowa. After this race, I found many similarities between the process of training for the race and running a successful e-commerce operation. From having a plan (and adjusting it as needed) to knowing that not one system works for every team, find out how the two relate.

Find Out What Gartner, NumberCop & Malware on Mobile Have in Common

Last week at the Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit, we learned that business’ biggest security weak spot is their endpoint on mobile devices. Learn more about why this is occurring and find out how our recent acquisition of NumberCop and Phone Reputation offers you a solution.