Let’s Make a Mashup: Pro, Twilio & Wolfram|Alpha APIs

A lot can be done with Whitepages Pro APIs. We’ve seen it at hackathons and have heard it from developers. I recently made a new mashup of Pro, Twilio and Wolfram|Alpha APIs. You’ll see the kind of demographic information that can quickly be returned.

Developer Talk: Making Ajax Requests to Pro APIs

Answering user questions from our developer community is important to me and it’s part of what makes my job so rewarding. Recently I was asked, “Can we make an Ajax request to Pro APIs?” The answer may at first seem complicated but I’ll break it down with a handy visual.

Form a Data Strategy: White Paper on Managing the Customer Lifecycle

Consumer identity data is the oil that keeps financial services workflows running smoothly. But when information gets siloed in departments, the system breaks down. Download our newest white paper to learn the four ways an identity-data strategy can improve workflow and the customer lifecycle.

Get Organized: What E-commerce Can Learn From Successful Chefs

We all want our workplace to be as organized as possible. By taking a page out of a professional chef’s book, we discover that the culinary concept of mise-en-place can help businesses increase their efficiency for 2015. Take a look at your process and learn how Whitepages Pro puts e-commerce workflows in a better place.

Stop Spam Calls Now: Announcing Our Newest White Paper

Spam calls irritate both consumers and businesses. But unlike consumers, businesses are not protected by the TCPA. These inbound calls waste precious time and can also incur financial risk. It’s time to take action and protect your business. Download our white paper to learn the different types of spam and how you can detect the warning signs.

New & Improved: 3 Great Features of our Website Redesign

There’s a new look and feel to Whitepages Pro. We’re pleased to officially welcome you to our site’s brand new redesign. In addition to creating a sleeker aesthetic, we rethought our organization to better highlight our offerings and make resources easier to find. But out of all the changes we made, there are three that really stand out.

Do Your Insurance Fraud Management Systems Work?

Anti-fraud technology in insurance organizations is undercut by poor data quality and a lack of integration. Most of anti-fraud technology is aimed at the later stages of the insurance lifecycle. Ignoring the other points in the customer lifecycle leaves companies open to unnecessary risk unless they can find a well-run third party database.

Got a Minute? Learn How Identity Data Helps Businesses

At Whitepages Pro, we’re dedicated to giving you identity solutions for the digital world. While that’s a big deal for today’s businesses, it can be a tricky concept to grasp. So we developed a video to explain Pro in a nutshell. Watch it and get 3 important questions answered in just 60 seconds.

Smart Use Cases & the Whitepages Pro Winner at AT&T Hackathon

For me, the best part of the #ATTHackathon was working with the different hackathon teams to integrate Whitepages Pro APIs into their apps. We challenged them to come up with something cool and were blown away by the results. See our list of favorites and find out who we crowned the winner of the Whitepages Pro API Challenge.