Identity Check has International Data

After 20 years of being on the cutting edge of identity data, we’re still tackling the toughest of data dilemmas to help companies solve their identity verification and risk management challenges.  These challenges have increasingly become more complex as the world’s digital and mobile modes of operation go global and require international data. Balancing a … Continued

Now Access Lead Verify API Directly within ActiveProspect’s LeadConduit

The Whitepages Pro team is excited to announce that Lead Verify API is now available as an integration within ActiveProspect’s LeadConduit. LeadConduit, ActiveProspect’s real-time data integration hub, captures, filters, and routes leads to mission critical sales and marketing systems, automating complex lead processing and delivery tasks into a series of steps called a flow. As … Continued

Increase Call Quality and Optimize Communication Apps with Tropo and Whitepages APIs

Whitepages Pro APIs help businesses improve their communications using data. When layering Whitepages Pro data APIs with complimentary communication APIs, you can quickly build powerful applications that optimize businesses processes with little code. This includes the Tropo’s communication platform. Tropo’s cloud API platform enables developers to embed real-time communications within their applications. In this post … Continued

Identity Verification Recommendations from Gartner List Whitepages Pro…Again in 2016!

The Whitepages Pro team I work with every day takes great pride in bringing the best identity verification solutions in the world to market. I’m therefore unabashedly excited when I see industry experts provide 3rd party validation of our data, product work, and top shelf data products. Recently, Gartner mentioned our company in a new … Continued

The $200B Cost Every Business Sweeps Under the Rug

Companies across all categories develop people processes or automated algorithms using static data sets to verify consumer identities, and in many cases, this data is light years behind one of the most sophisticated industries on the planet: fraud. Being two steps behind the bad actors leads most executives to settle for “acceptable fraud rates” that … Continued

Introducing Identity Check 3.2

Here at Whitepages, we’re constantly iterating our products in an effort to deliver concise, actionable data to our customers. We recently released version 3.2 of the Identity Check API, which includes some exciting new data elements. Before getting into the changes, I’ll start by explaining what Identity Check is and how our customers use it. … Continued

Phone, Email, Name… So What?

We’re often asked about our data… how we source it, how we measure accuracy, and how often it’s updated. After tackling these, answers to many of which can be found here, the conversation boils down to the fundamental issue: all of this great data is available, but so what? Even a merchant armed with the … Continued