Forget the Static, Cling to Dynamic Data

Identity verification for today’s lenders. Historically and still today, lenders rely too heavily on static data and personal identifiable information (PII) to assess and verify the identity of their applicants.  In an industry that is regulated and known for being risk adverse, in addition to having heavily scripted processes, lenders now need to augment identity … Continued

Part 1: Know Your Data, Measure Your Data, Judge Your Data

Organizations want absolute proof of identity but must learn to live with shades of uncertainty. Fraud, security, and business managers need a layered identity assessment approach that relies more on dynamic data and less on static, regulated PII information. Whitepages does data differently. Our approach to sourcing, aggregating, and synthesizing identity data is what makes … Continued

Lead Generation Industry Grows; Focuses on Customer-first Experiences

At LeadsCon this week, we heard from industry leaders to understand what’s driving lead generation today, challenges and opportunities. The common theme voiced by panels was to deliver customer-first experiences built on trust. Lead Generation continues to grow. According to Nick Hedges, CEO at Velocify, their customer’s lead generation and purchasing activity grew 17% year-over-year. … Continued