Fortify Your Data: Introducing New Enterprise Security Features: SSO, Concurrent Login Block, & IP Designated Access

In order to protect and satisfy our customers, we focus on both the quality and security of our data. We are pleased to announce three new product enhancements that make it easier for companies to implement, use, and manage Whitepages Pro users to fit their unique security requirements: Single Sign On, Concurrent Login Block, & IP Designated Access.

The Jack White Fraud Review System

Jack is always challenging himself to be uncomfortable, to break from routine. He says this gives him the creative edge he needs to stay fresh and relevant. While I may not take this to the extreme Jack does, I completely buy into the fact that our fraud strategy has to continuously evolve with emerging trends. As the sources of fraud shift and change the data points that effectively capture them will as well. The data we analyze has to stay relevant for us to be successful. This may not win us any Grammys here at GameStop, but I know the great experience we provide will continue to win over our customers.

What’s Fraud Really Costing Your Business?

You’ve seen the fraud statistics, but how do those stats potentially impact your business? Give us a couple of numbers and our fraud calculator will show you how fraud could be affecting you. See the potential impact of fraud on your business – from the number of good orders being rejected to the average amount of time employees spend reviewing flagged orders.

Have You Seen This Pig?

Fight Fraud. Save Profit.

Profit the piggy bank is on the run from Fraud. Help us find Profit by tweeting a photo of Profit or by replying with a helpful caption on fraud prevention. Every time you post you’re entered to win $250 towards your next vacation with

Crank Up Your Order Clearing and Fraud Detection: The Five-in-One Solution

Whitepages Pro’s Identity Check now includes Email-to-Name! Clearing good orders and mitigating risk is at the forefront of today’s online retailer’s mind. ECommerce revenue is expected to hit $347 billion in 2015, the EMV deadline has past, and the holidays are just around the corner. Things are busy and fraud follows money; so you need … Continued

Get Ready, The Fraud Train Is Coming

On a recent roadshow to visit several online merchants an alarming realization sunk in. Small and medium sized online retailers are not well informed about the soon to be implemented EMV. Granted, this doesn’t directly impact their operations because they don’t need to do anything to accept the new chip enabled cards. Online ordering will not … Continued

Pass the Shovel – The FCC and Private Sector Dig into Robo and Unwanted Calls

I recently spent the day at the FCC headquarters in Washington, DC participating in their working session on robocalling and Caller ID spoofing. Given our company-wide commitment to fighting the tidal wave of voice and SMS spam inundating shores of US consumers and businesses, it was time well spent. Participants ranged from stakeholders we know … Continued

Announcing Whitepages Pro Reputation Network

Reputation is built on what you do, not what you say. At Whitepages Pro, one of our core values is “Do” and we are proud to announce the Whitepages Pro Reputation Network. Find out how you can leverage this collaborative network of shared data to stay on top of the latest risks before they hit your business.

Announcing Integrated Partnership with ActiveProspect

Whitepages Pro, an industry leader in identity and lead verification solutions, is pleased to announce their strategic integration partnership with ActiveProspect. Find out how this partnership empowers users of ActiveProspect’s LeadConduit to leverage Whitepages Pro data in real-time, appending valuable data to incoming leads before passing them on to sales.